Maknae Chooses Love, Kim Tae Ri Nistai Ryu Jun Yeol But Praises Kim Woo Bin Exorbitantly

Kim Tae Ri Showed His Closeness With Ryu Jun Yeol And Kim Woo Bin After Filming The Big Screen Film ‘Alienoid’ Together And Revealed His Character In An Interview With Elle Korea.

Kim Tae Ri is known to be one of the celebrities who will decorate the upcoming August issue of Elle Korea magazine. Kim Tae Ri underwent a photo shoot and interview as part of the promotion of the famous luxury brand, Prada.

On Elle Korea’s YouTube content, Kim Tae Ri also did not hesitate to discuss his new big screen film, ” Alenoid “. Kim Tae Ri also showed his closeness with the cast of ” Alienoid “.

Kim Tae Ri looks relaxed mocking Ryu Jun Yeol who is known to have acted with him twice. The two have become close since starring in the film ” Little Forest ” which aired in 2018.

Kim Tae Ri has a baby emoji to describe Ryu Jun Yeol. Kim Tae Ri said the handsome actor born in 1986 has a very innocent nature.

“Our Jun Yeol oppa was like ‘what the heck’ when he found out I was holding this emoji but he would agree. I always take care of him,” said Kim Tae Ri with a laugh

“The character is the same as in the movie, very innocent. He’s cute like a baby,” explained the 1990-born actress.

Unlike Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Tae Ri actually gave full praise to Kim Woo Bin. Kim Tae Ri mentioned that he and everyone fell in love with his good looks. Kim Tae Ri chose the emoji wearing sunglasses for Kim Woo Bin.

“Kim Woo Bin, we were all fascinated by his physical appearance,” admitted Kim Tae Ri. “They are very different,” said Kim Tae Ri then laughed while holding Kim Woo Bin and Ryu Jun Yeol’s emojis.

“And these glasses are very important objects in the film,” said Kim Tae Ri, giving a leak.

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