Male Actor Arrested By Police After Trying To Kill His Wife Who Is An Actress

Based On The Information, The Police Immediately Went To The Scene As Soon As They Received A Report From The Residents And Found The Husband And Wife Lying On The Floor.

South Korean police have just arrested a man who is suspected of trying to kill his wife. Surprisingly, the man was apparently an actor while the wife was an actress.

According to a report released on Tuesday (15/6), the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul arrested and is investigating an unnamed man on charges of attempted murder. The unnamed man was in his thirties.

According to reports, the man stabbed his wife with a knife in the lobby of his home in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, at around 8:40 am KST. The man was arrested by the police after being caught red-handed for his cruel act.

Based on the information, the police immediately went to the scene as soon as they received a report from the residents and found both of them already lying on the floor. Now, the police plan to investigate the circumstances of the incident and the motive for the crime against the actor.

So far it has been revealed that the two have separated, and the wife has a restraining order against the husband. Police believe that the husband bought the gun he used in the murder that very day. The man then waited for his wife in the apartment lobby before committing the crime.

The wife who was stabbed in the neck has been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The wife in her 40s was revealed to be an actress who was once a model and then made her debut as a singer.

The woman was active as an actress after the group disbanded. She gained a lot of popularity in the late 2000s by appearing as a supporting actress in various dramas. However, until this news was released, the identity of the actor and actress was unknown.

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