Many Are Not Aware, Lisa And Rose BLACKPINK Had Too Obvious The ‘BORN PINK’ Comeback Spoiler

‘BORN PINK’, Which Became BLACKPINK’s Comeback Project After Not Doing Full Activities Together For A Long Time, Received Great Enthusiasm, But Fans Were Surprised Because It Was Suspected That Lisa And Rose Had Leaked Their Concept.

Everything about BLACK PINK ‘s comeback seems to always be a hot topic. Starting from the album concept, album name to small spoilers discussing the details of their comeback, fans have always been able to find them.

As previously reported, BLACKPINK has officially announced “BORN PINK” as their upcoming comeback. Although not much has been revealed for the upcoming album release, fans have expressed excitement about the group’s comeback, for the first time in almost 2 years since “Lovesick Girls”.

“BORN PINK” is reportedly the title of BLACKPINK’s comeback project in 2022. YG Entertainment has released a short video trailer showing BLACKPINK’s future activities through the “BORN PINK” project on August 1.

However, who would have thought that actually two BLACKPINK members, namely Lisa and Rose , had already provided spoilers that fans almost didn’t realize. The title “BORN PINK” itself is still new to most fans, but some fans believe that Lisa really hinted at the girl group’s comeback concept since last July.

This spoiler was done when Lisa and Rose went live on July 19th. During the conversation, Lisa chatted with Rose about something that aroused suspicion because it was said out of the blue.

“You were born to be BLACKPINK, come on,” said Lisa. Hearing this, Rose was surprised and said, “Yes, I mean BLACK.. BLACKPINK. What did you say?” Lisa herself looked surprised by what he said but she tried to hold back her laughter and stay calm.

Seeing this circulating video clip, fans are increasingly believing that Lisa and Rose are trying to give clues from the words “BORN” and “PINK”. Therefore, fans commented hilariously and claimed they knew everything.

“We always find it later, I mean after the news is released. But next time we hang around and believe in whatever it is,” commented the fan. “What if ‘We were born to be BLACKPINK’ was part of the lyrics of one of the songs from their upcoming album?” Fan comments stirred up the conspiracy again.

“Rose is like wait, what? Oh no! We have to turn off the live broadcast now,” wrote another fan. “Rose is worried that Lisa said BORN PINK is not BLACKPINK,” wrote another comment.

Meanwhile, it is reported that BLACKPINK’s activities will start from August to October. There are many possibilities if BLACKPINK continues at the end of the year.

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