Marriage In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’, Yoo In Soo Caught By Arin Oh My Girl’s IG Spam To Old Post

Fans Found That Yoo In Soo Gave Likes To The Upload Of His Co-Star’s Personal Account In The Drama ‘Alchemy Of Souls’, Arin Oh My Girl Until An Old Post.

The closeness of the cast of the tvN drama “Alchemy of Souls” has always managed to get the attention of fans. Not infrequently the cast shows their intimacy through their respective Instagram accounts.

The couple Yoo In Soo and Arin Oh My Girl also succeeded in making fans fall in love with their closeness in the real world. Yoo In Soo himself also did not hesitate to follow Arin’s Instagram account even though he was not followed back.

Arin is known to only follow a few accounts on his personal Instagram. Arin also doesn’t seem to follow the other “Alchemy of Souls” actors’ Instagram accounts.

Even though he doesn’t follow the actor’s Instagram account, that doesn’t mean Arin doesn’t show closeness. Arin in his latest upload also showed moments together with the cast on the set of “Alchemy of Souls”.

Arin also did not hesitate to share a portrait of the two of them with Yoo In Soo. The handsome actor also seemed to share moments with Arin and other actors in the latest upload.

Interestingly, fans found that Yoo In Soo seemed to be giving ” spam likes ” on Arin’s uploads. Unmitigated, Yoo In Soo gave a like on Arin’s upload in July 2021.

Yoo In Soo’s “no work” activity has successfully made fans excited. Even so, Yoo In Soo was also reported to have spammed all the other “Alchemy of Souls” cast. This shows that he is really friends with the cast.

Meanwhile, the first part of “Alchemy of Souls” is known to have finished airing yesterday, Sunday, August 28. The second part of “Achemy of Souls” will air in December. Who can’t wait?

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