‘Mini’ At NCT, Doyoung Proves His Original Height Is Above The Average Flanked By ‘Master In The House’ Members

NCT’s Doyoung’s Height Has Again Become A Buzz For Fans After Sharing Moments With The Members Of The Reality Show ‘Master In The House’ After Officially Joining.

Recently, NCT ‘s Doyoung was known to be an official member on the SBS popular variety show ” Master in The House “. This means Doyoung replaces Lee Seung Gi’s position as the maknae or youngest member on this show.

Doyoung then showed his enthusiasm as a new member of “Master in The House” through his personal Instagram account. Doyoung shared the moment flanked by Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyung , and Eun Ji Won .

The handsome idol born in 1996 asked his fans for support for being a new member of “Master in The House”. ” Master in The House. I wish the best for us in the future, ” said Doyoung through his personal Instagram account Sunday (3/7).

Fans themselves are busy encouraging Doyoung for being a new member of “Master in The House”. Not a few who claim to be loyal to watching the popular variety show to see Doyoung’s action.

Many of the fans themselves then focused on Doyoung’s height. The reason is, Doyoung looks very towering compared to other “Master in The House” members.

This is considered very new considering Doyoung doesn’t look tall when he is with NCT members. Of course this is not strange considering that NCT has a line of members with a height of over 180 cm such as Jaehyun , Jungwoo , Johnny , Jisung , to Sungchan .

Doyoung himself actually has a normal average height for South Korean men. The younger brother of actor Gong Myung has a height of 178 cm, while the average height of Korean men is about 175 cm.

This means, the idol under SM Entertainment is the second tallest member in “Master in The House” after Lee Seung Gi with 182 cm. Eun Ji Won has an average height of 175 cm and Yang Se Hyung 167 cm.

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