Momo Shares First Impressions Of Friends In TWICE, Most Relate To This Member

While Momo Did Her Best To Try And Remember The Details, She Remembered Some Better Than Others. This Is Momo’s First Impression Of The Other TWICE Members.

Not all TWICE members were close to each other from the start, but they are now forming close friendships. Momo was once asked during a live broadcast to remember his first impressions of the other members.

While Momo did her best to try and remember the details, she remembered some better than others. This is Momo’s first impression of the other TWICE members.

Momo remembers Nayeon as a classic Korean trainee, because she remembers being in awe of her. This is not surprising because in addition to having a beautiful face, Nayeon is also very talented. While Jeongyeon’s first impression was similar to Nayeon’s, Momo remembered being a little shy to approach her.

Sana is the first member to relate to Momo, of course because they are from the same country. They met in Japan when they signed their contract, and found that they had a lot in common.

Jihyo is the longest trainee of the TWICE members, so she’s quite famous. On the other hand, Momo has vivid memories of Mina Myoui , who had a hard time when she started out as a trainee.

Momo didn’t have a clear memory of Dahyun , but she did remember thinking that Dahyun was so cute. Meanwhile, Momo only remembered that Chaeyoung was very young and cute when she first met him.

Momo remembers when Tzuyu was accepted as a trainee, there were rumors that a beautiful trainee would come. And sure enough because Momo was amazed by Tzuyu’s beauty when she first saw the Taiwanese idol.

Momo also revealed small details about her time as a trainee. Momo wasn’t very close with the members during his trainee days. The only member who is close to Momo is Sana. It wasn’t until TWICE debuted that Momo became close to the other members.

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