Moon Ga Young Agrees To Star In ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Because Of The Genre, It Turns Out That It Takes Hard Work?

It Turned Out That The Combination Of Several Genres ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ Was Considered By Moon Ga Young To Agree To Star In The Drama. Yeo Jin Goo’s Co-Star Then Told His Acting Struggles.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday night drama, ” Link: Eat Love Kill ” just ended its story on July 26. As the drama ended, Moon Ga Young talked about her reunion drama with Yeo Jin Goo after acting as a child actress together.

In “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, Moon Ga Young played Noh Da Hyun as the central axis of the mystery of Jihwa-dong. His tumultuous life changes after he accidentally meets Eun Gye Hoon, played by Yeo Jin Goo, the sous chef of an upscale restaurant. Noh Da Hyun and Eun Gye Hoon were brought together because of the “link” phenomenon where they share emotions.

Moon Ga Young has once again demonstrated her skill in playing a complex character who feels various emotions. Regarding the mix of romance, mystery, and thriller genres in the drama, it turned out that that was what attracted the actress to the script. Because of that, does Moon Ga Young really need a heavier extra effort?

“I was drawn to the fact that it was a script with a high level of acting difficulty. There are various genres, and various emotions come and go in one scene,” said Moon Ya Goung. “Especially, this might be a spoiler so I can’t say, but in the second half, Da Hyun also has to reveal the ‘link’ phenomenon.”

To realize the script “Link: Eat Love Kill”, Moon Ga Young must be able to control emotions in a relatively short time. Although it was neither difficult nor strenuous, during filming he was able to gain valuable experience in his career.

“I think it’s important for me to pay attention to how far I can use my emotions and abilities in such a short time. It’s not hard or difficult, but I want to do it. This is not a general script, so I have very valuable experience as an actor,” he explained.

After 7 months of struggling, Moon Ga Young and others finally finished filming “Link: Eat Love Kill”. For Moon Ga Young herself, the filming process for that long was tasteless.

“The days of reaching the 7-month mark felt strange. Because I was busy filming, I didn’t realize that time had passed. I was confused when ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ ended. It was very warm throughout the filming process, and I still keep in touch with another actor,” said Moon Ga Young.

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