More Falling Junho-Junho, Kang Tae Oh Really Clear At Premiere Film Events

As Usual, Kang Tae Oh Never Disappoints With His Performance. The 1994-Born Actor Boasted His Handsome Face And Sweetest Smile.

The premiere of the film ” Emergency Declaration ” was attended by a line of famous artists, one of which was Kang Tae Oh who was on the rise. The actor’s appearance is very clear.

The screening of the film “Emergency Declaration” was held today, Monday (25/7/2022) at 7 pm KST at Megabox COEX, Seoul. Kang Tae Oh was one of the artists invited to watch the film for the first time.

As usual, Kang Tae Oh never disappoints with his performance. The 1994-born actor boasted his handsome face and sweetest smile.

Kang Tae Oh looked dashing in black pants and a white collared long-sleeved top. With a look like this, it’s no wonder local fans call her charm very Islamic, considering her top looks like a koko shirt.

Kang Tae Oh recently gained attention for his role as Lee Jun Ho in the drama ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo .” Many viewers are limp because of his good looks and charm as a caring guy.

While Lee Jun Ho’s actual cliché character is already attractive, Kang Tae Oh’s acting makes his charm even more multiplied. The way he shows emotion in every successful dialogue makes viewers crazy about him.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” itself tells of Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) who is very smart and he also has an autism spectrum disorder. He never forgets what he saw, but lacks in social skills and empathy.

Meanwhile, “Emergency Declaration” is a film starring Kim Nam Gil , Siwan , Seol In Ah , Lee Byung Hun and Song Kang Ho . The film will premiere in South Korea on August 3, 2022.

Besides Kang Tae Oh, the lineup of artists who attended the premiere of the film “Emergency Declaration” were Jin BTS ( Bangtan Boys ), Seohyun Girls’ Generation , Seolhyun AOA , Lee Jung Jae , Jung Woo Sung and many more.

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