Must Pass Through North Korea, This Is Taehyun TXT’s Message To Fans To Meet Himself In South Korea By Bicycle

As An Idol Loved By Many Fans, Taehyun TXT Again Responded To The Wishes Of Fans By Cycling From His Country To South Korea To Meet Him.

Recently, Taehyun TXT again responded to the reactions of his fans who shared their thoughts out of the box alias different from most people. When responding to the desire of a fan to ride a bicycle from their country to South Korea, Taehyun again seemed to be numb to the fan’s desire.

Recently, a TXT fan garnered hilarious attention from netizens. Even from Taehyun because they claim to want to ride a bicycle to South Korea. The posts were made on Weverse, a fan communication platform where fans can communicate with their favorite artists.

In the post, the fan wrote, “I want to go to Seoul to meet Taehyun even though it will be difficult.” In addition to expressing his desire, a fan also showed how he could travel by bicycle.

This fan included a travel route map that made many netizens tilt their heads to watch it. This is because the map shows that the journey must be taken to pass through North Korea in order to get to South Korea.

Knowing this, Taehyun also noticed the post and warned his fans to be careful. “Um, sorry, but you might be in big trouble if you cross the line you see over Seoul,” Taehyun said to his fans.

Considering that North Korea is not a country that can be carelessly and arbitrarily passed, it is a big consideration for these fans. Especially Taehyun himself who seemed to understand the condition. After all, cycling from their country to South Korea is a necessary idea with extras.

“I think Taehyun said, ‘Um, I’m sorry, that’s funny,” commented another fan. “I swear I laughed out loud when I saw this,” wrote another. “I feel this fan is serious,” explained another fan.

“I can’t even think of crossing this street on a bike lol,” wrote another. “I can hear Taehyun say that with his voice, lol,” another commented. “Taehyun left a comment on the post that was very funny”, “I don’t think anything is impossible”, and “This fan has very random thoughts,” another commented.

Meanwhile, responding to fan ideas is nothing new for idols including Taehyun. Even though they sometimes have to deal with the unique thoughts of their fans, Taehyun’s answer manages to keep them entertained!

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