Nam Tae Hyun Was Accused Of Hitting Seo Min Jae, This Gossip YouTuber Revealed His Real Nature

In Addition To Drug Abuse, Seo Min Jae Also Accused Nam Tae Hyun Of Physical Violence. Having Done A Personal Interview, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho Revealed His Cool Nature.

Some time ago, the public was shocked by the accusation of Nam Tae Hyun using methamphetamine aka methamphetamine and acts of violence, namely hitting him. However, the couple has reconciled and confirmed their relationship.

On August 23, former reporter and YouTuber Lee Jin Ho uploaded a video related to the reason Nam Tae Hyun left WINNER (II) . Previously, Seo Min Jae claimed Nam Tae Hyun was violent by hitting him. In the video, Lee Jin Ho reveals his true nature in front of reporters without fans.

“Reporters who interviewed him mostly praised ‘Nam Tae Hyun’s humble attitude’. However, Nam Tae Hyun in front of fans, not reporters, and in his daily life is different,” said Lee Jin Ho.

Then the former reporter told Nam Tae Hyun while he was a WINNER member, he had shown a temperamental nature that was shown in anger until he shouted. In addition, Lee Jin Ho shared his personal interview experience with him.

“In a personal interview, I also witnessed how carelessly he treated his younger brother Nam Dong Hyun, who was also a member of the Shouth Club at that time,” he explained.

Then, Lee Jin Ho brought up the news about Nam Tae Hyun dating more than 7 celebrities. Four of them are Jung Ryeo Won , Son Dam Bi , Jang Jae In and Seo Min Jae.

Furthermore, Lee Jin Ho revealed the reason YG Entertainment let Nam Tae Hyun quit even though his contract with WINNER had not yet been seven years. According to him, leaving WINNER and forming a new band was considered odd.

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun has stated that he is making up with Seo Min Jae and vice versa. However, Seo Min Jae’s accusations led to a police investigation to determine whether there was drug abuse or not.

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