NCT’s Jaehyun’s Natural Acting Cha Minho In ‘Dear.M’ Reaps Positive Reviews In Various Circles

‘Dear.M’ Is Jaehyun NCT’s First Debut As An Actor Even In Recent Days, His Name Is Still A Trending Topic In The World On Twitter Showing His Popularity.

NCT ‘s Jaehyun received a warm welcome from the public thanks to his acting debut as an actor. After experiencing a delay in the broadcast schedule, finally the drama ” Dear.M ” aired in Japan.

Jaehyun made his acting debut in his first Korean drama TV series “Dear.M” where he is also a part of the male protagonist of the show. His character is Cha Min Ho, a fun-loving second-year student who has both a passion and skills for app development.

Fans especially NCTzen have been waiting for “Dear.M” to be released for more than a year due to delays. Good news came to fans last March 24, a report said that KBS has signed a broadcasting rights contract for Dear.M which will be broadcast in Japan and various countries.

And now, “Dear.M” finally appeared and became the viewers’ choice. With a warm welcome from fans and support for NCT’s Jaehyun’s acting debut, the keyword “WELCOME ACTOR JAEHYUN” has become one of the trending topics on Twitter since the drama was released until now, Thursday (30/6).

Considering the high enthusiasm of the viewers, Jaehyun’s acting as Cha Minho has been receiving all-out praise. Fans are busy praising Jaehyun’s way of acting and absorbing his character as a student with a fun personality. In fact, one fan admitted that he read reviews from netizens who were not fans of Jaehyun.

“Just read some comments from non-fans about Jaehyun’s acting, they said as a rookie actor his acting is already amazing looking very natural. Some of them don’t even know he’s an idol. Good Jaehyun, good!” said a fan expressing his pride in Jaehyun.

In fact, Jaehyun’s fans also received direct reviews from their own friends who are not K-Pop fans that Jaehyun’s acting was very natural. Considering that this is Jaehyun’s first debut, it is certainly an appreciation for the idol to receive such praise.

“I asked my friend (a K-drama fan and not K-pop fan) to watch ‘Dear.M’, I didn’t tell him that Jaehyun was around and he was like ‘wow this drama is really fun to watch, the plot is really good. Easy to understand and acting natural and good main character (Jaehyun)’,” wrote the fan.

Meanwhile, “Dear.M” is available to watch on Viki for free with episodes 1 to 6. While episodes 7-12 are scheduled for release next week, July 6.

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