Netflix Hits Criticism Compares BTS’s Hiatus Situation With One Direction And Destiny’s Child

After BTS Announced That They Would Focus On Their Respective Solo Careers, The Media Said Their Group Activities Were On A Temporary Hiatus. However, Netflix Has Again Come Under Fire For Their Content Which Is Considered Unethical.

Since the media reported that BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) would go on hiatus as a group and focus on the solo careers of each member, the topic became sensitive to discuss. How not, BTS has earned a lot of love from fans all over the world, thus becoming the most successful boy group since their debut.

However, it seems that even after the BTS members and their agency HYBE made the statement that it was not a “hiatus”, major outlets have used the word and caused outrage among netizens. The latest company to come under fire for their actions on social media is Netflix.

In their latest tweet, the account posted a scene from ” Umbrella Academy ” and the text reads, “The only thing we have in common is childhood trauma.” While the image itself is fine and combined with the caption, it angered fans as the tweet likened BTS’ current state of origin to vocal groups like Destiny’s Child and One Direction as “on hiatus.”

As is well known, Destiny’s Child went on hiatus in 2001 to pursue a solo career and only reunited two years later to release their fifth and final studio album. Then, One Direction announced their hiatus in 2015 and have not done any group activities and are showing no signs of getting back together anytime soon.

The two vocal groups’ situations are very different from the current state of BTS because they have already filmed “Run BTS!” and do a lot more. Of course, the main problem is that Netflix explicitly refers to BTS’s state of being “on hiatus” and even though they use quotes, it’s the same phrase and format used for the other two groups.

In particular, the idea that BTS’s situation is similar to that of One Direction and Destiny’s Child makes fans angry that the group is still carrying out activities. Another reason is to define BTS fans as “Generation Alpha” which is people born in 2010 and after.

It has become a continuing narrative in the Western media to describe K-Pop fans as immature. For many fans, using the term is considered disrespectful especially since most ARMYs are much older.

The final issue is on the topic of “Trauma” as it is not a word to be taken lightly and has a lot of sensitive connotations. To netizens, the fact that they used the issue of “Childhood Trauma” and used it in the context of a music artist taking a break seems to be wrong.

For many ARMYs, it is an unnecessary tweet that involves a lack of research on BTS’s current state. With the need to attract the attention of users because mentioning the group along with other historical groups it doesn’t feel right to upload.

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