Netizens Comment On Lisa BLACKPINK’s English Ability, Surprised About This

This Post Is Getting Quite A Lot Of Attention. Some Commented That Lisa, Being Thai, Is As Good At English As People From Other Southeast Asian Countries.

Not only known as a talented idol, BLACKPINK Lisa ( Black Pink ) is also admired for her ability in Korean, English, and of course her mother tongue, Thai. Korean netizens are wondering how the singer of “How You Like That” can be so good at English.

A post on the Instiz community site was titled “But how is Lisa so good at English?” highlighting the idol’s English skills. Netizens who published it wondered how his English could be so good.

“I saw her communicating in English with Jennie when they went to Korea when they were little. So did she study it in Thailand? By the way, I’m jealous because she’s as good at English as she is in her mother tongue.”

This post received quite a lot of attention and comments from netizens. Some commented that Lisa, being Thai, is as good at English as people from other Southeast Asian countries.

“He attended an international school in Thailand when he was little,” commented a netizen. “He attends an international school and his stepfather is European,” said another netizen. “Southeast Asians are usually good at English… But Lisa went to an international school so she’s better at English… Her stepfather is also Swiss,” said another.

“Southeast Asians speak English well… I think they speak English better than Koreans,” said a netizen. “She’s a role model in Thailand so I think I’ve seen a lot of Thai people who like Lisa,” another commented. “I wonder why Southeast Asians speak English so well?!?!” added another.

Meanwhile, Lisa recently attended the Celine fashion show in France which was part of Paris Fashion Week. The singer of “LALISA” got a lot of praise for her sweet attitude greeting the media crew and fans when she arrived in Korea.

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