Netizens Debate Who Is TWICE’s Visual Member, Tzuyu, Sana, Or Mina?

A Post Talks About Which TWICE Member Deserves To Be Called A Visual. Netizens Who Published It Include Photos Of The Three Members That They Think Are The Most Appropriate.

TWICE has 9 members who are all beautiful and the girl group is often said to have no visual holes or members who are considered visually lacking. However, there is still a debate about who is the most worthy of being called a visual member.

A post on the community site Pann talks about which TWICE member deserves to be called a visual. Netizens who published the post included photos of the three members they thought were the most suitable, namely Tzuyu , Sana , and Mina Myoui .

The netizen wrote, “My personal preference is Sana but objectively looking, I think it’s Mina. And if you look at the whole body shape, I think it’s Tzuyu. They’re really pretty so it’s ambiguous.” Other netizens also commented on who the visual members of TWICE were.

“Objectively, Tzuyu. Sana’s charms are amazing and the fact that she’s talented, that she’s slowly becoming prettier and she has so many charms makes her look even prettier but of course, she’s still really pretty. As for Tzuyu, she’s just standing there without said nothing and she doesn’t really have any outstanding talent but it’s her face that makes her stand out. Everyone who saw them in real life said that Tzuyu is objectively the prettiest… By my standards, Tzuyu is the top in real life ,” commented netizens.

“I also consider Sana the prettiest subjectively but objectively, it’s Mina… Sometimes, I even wonder why Mina’s visuals are not mentioned much when I find her gif. Tzuyu is also beautiful,” said another netizen.

“Sana’s overall aura is the best. Mina is more luxurious and the proportions of Tzuyu’s face and body are indeed good,” said netizens. “To be honest, Tzuyu explained. If Tzuyu had Sana’s personality, she would be much more famous,” another commented.

“When it comes to, it all depends on your taste,” said a netizen. “Isn’t Jihyo a dark horse? Her facial features are very different and I wanted to choose her as a visual member but TWICE are all beautiful so this is meaningless,” added another.

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