New Girl Group HYBE NewJeans Reaps Pros And Cons For Debuting Minors

As More Information About NewJeans Is Released, There Is One Aspect That Raises Concern. This Is The Age Of The Members Who Are Still Underage On Average.

NewJeans reap the pros and cons for debuting minors. The new girl group ADOR sub label HYBE is indeed in the center of the spotlight after it was announced that it was ready to debut.

As more information about NewJeans is released, there is one aspect that raises concern. This is the age of the members.

The two oldest members of the group are Hanni and Minji , both born in 2004. Danielle was born in 2005, while Haerin was born in 2006, making them still minors.

But the age of their youngest member, Hyein , is the most surprising. According to sources, Hyein was born in 2008, which makes her 14 years old by international reckoning.

When the age was announced, netizens expressed their concern about the members, especially Hyein. Many expressed their concern about young girls being suddenly thrown into the K-Pop world.

K-Pop is an industry where the schedule is tight, the expectations are tough. The members will be checked for everything they do.

Many netizens are asking people to be careful in commenting on members who are basically minors, or make inappropriate edits.

Others shared that the stigma against idols debuting at an older age has created a culture where debuting young idols is considered more normal.

But not everyone thinks negatively about the age of the NewJeans members because ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, who manages the group. Many netizens praised the style and concept of the video which was young at heart and suited them, especially Hyein.

In an interview that resurfaced, Min Hee Jin revealed that she has a strong bond with the members and their parents, so worries are a bit less.

Since he is the same age as the members’ parents, he feels responsible for taking care of them and will even act like a “parent” when approaching the group by inviting them to his house every weekend.

Min Hee Jin also seems to be aware of the problems that can arise with idols who debut at a young age. The former SM Entertainment creative director revealed that he wanted to get involved to make sure they were treated well.

Although the idea of ​​a 14-year-old teenager’s debut is still a concern of netizens due to not only pressure and expectations but also the possibility of “sexualization,” many hope that Min Hee Jin’s influence can help.

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