New ‘Sailing’, Arin And Yoo In Soo’s Love Fate In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Makes Worry

The Latest Episode Of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ Finally Gave Birth To A United Couple Namely Jin Cho Yeon (Arin Oh My Girl) And Park Dang Gu (Yoo In Soo). Both Are Heirs Of The Famous Family, This Is The Viewer’s Response.

The weekend night drama, ” Alchemy of Souls ” has aired its latest two episodes. Not only the couple Mu Deok ( Jung So Min ) and Jang Wook ( Lee Jae Wook ) the story of Jin Cho Yeon ( Arin Oh My Girl ) with Park Dang Gu ( Yoo In Soo ) is getting more interesting to watch.

In the latest episode, it was revealed that Jinyowon had teamed up with Jin Mu ( Jo Jae Yun ) to find their eldest daughter Boo Yeon only to be tricked. With Boo Yeon’s return, Jin Cho Yeon will no longer be burdened with the obligation to inherit Jinyowon.

Despite being involved in the play of pretending to be engaged, Jin Cho Yeon and Park Dang Gu spend time together. After Park Dang Gu confessed that he really liked her, Jin Cho Yeon apparently also reciprocated his feelings.

Through their chat it was revealed that in fact it is not easy to be together because both are heirs, Park Dang Gu will later continue the leadership of Park Jin ( Yoo Joon Sang ) in Songrim. Through that chat, Jin Cho Yeon asked Park Dang Gu not to worry because his family would find Boo Yeon soon.

When they Park Dang Gu and Jin Cho Yeon were about to buy flowers together hand in hand, they were caught by Park Jin which led to an interrogation. However, the union of Park Dang Gu and Jin Cho Yeon has made viewers of “Alchemy of Souls” both excited and worried. Many are worried if this couple doesn’t sail to the end like Baekhyun ‘s character in the drama ” Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo “.

“I’m afraid his mother won’t agree because he wants to match his son with the crown prince later, especially since there’s already a fake Miss Yeon later,” said one fan. “But she’s the girl who will be matched with the prince,” said another fan. “They have the same vibe as Baekhyun and his wife in ‘Scarlet Heart’. I’m afraid,” added another.

“Ooooh, ship one has sailed, really, it’s Park Jin and Mrs. Kim ( Oh Na Ra ) when will there be a love triangle with teacher Lee,” commented a fan. “It’s definitely sailing first.

Meanwhile, the continuation of the story of Jin Cho Yeon and Park Dang Gu can be seen in the next episode of “Alchemy of Souls” on July 30. This drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 local time.

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