NewJeans Agency Suspects Hidden Motives In ‘Cookie’ Controversy

NewJeans Members Are In The Age Range Of 14-18 Years. While The Lyrics For The Song ‘Cookie’ Are Considered To Have Sexual Content By Using Female Genitals As A Metaphor.

NewJeans’ debut songs have received a lot of positive results from the public. However, recently a controversy arose over the lyrics of the song “Cookie” which were deemed inappropriate to be sung for minors.

It is known together, NewJeans members are in the age range of 14-18 years. While the lyrics for the song “Cookie” are considered to have sexual content by using female genitals as a metaphor.

The ADOR agency finally opened up about this controversy. They gave a detailed explanation that the song “Cookie” has meaning for NewJeans as to make new and original music.

The agency said, “‘Cookie’ has confidence but is humble enough to call himself a dessert and expresses it in a funny way. The underlying message of the song is the value of NewJeans’ efforts.”

ADOR’s agency that people made the song “Cookie” controversial with the intention of ensuring minors are protected. But they have suspicions about the ulterior motives of people taking advantage of the controversy.

“We see you, we thank you, and we respect you. What we do not forgive, and what we regret to see, are people who cause controversy for their own sake but under the guise of deceiving to protect minors,” said the agency.

The agency added, “Going beyond misinformed speculation and hasty judgments and then making a point by making use of the words of minors in provocative thumbnails can hardly be seen as protecting them in good faith.”

“It seems inappropriate to fill the heads of people they claim to want to protect with slang terms that they are unlikely to learn anywhere else using sensational means,” the agency continued.

Meanwhile, despite the controversy above, NewJeans has won several awards from music shows for its debut. The girl group, which is also fronted by Hyein, has also recorded the highest debut album sales record in Hanteo’s history.

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