NingNing Aespa Becomes A Discussion Because You Don’t Like Chocolate And Love This ‘Controversial Food’

Interestingly Enough, One Of Ning Ning’s Favorites Is Mint Chocolate. In Addition, The Chinese Member Also Enjoys Pizza Toppings That Most People Like Or Hate.

In a vlog posted by aespa recently about the members visiting Los Angeles, NingNing made a statement that left some fans “shocked”. Here, the youngest member of Aespa reveals his favorite food.

During the visit, the members visited a frozen yogurt shop to buy food. They shared what they got, and when NingNing shared hers, the “Next Level” singer revealed that she didn’t like chocolate.

The moment can be seen at approximately 4:05 minutes in the video. Despite the fact that Ning Ning didn’t like this snack that so many people liked, the youngest member of Aespa actually enjoyed the food that was considered controversial by many.

Interestingly enough, one of Ning Ning’s favorites is mint chocolate, which all the AESPA members also like. On top of that, the Chinese member also enjoys a pizza topping that most people like or hate — pineapple.

Netizens discussed this reveal recently on Reddit, and their reactions were mixed. Some praised Ning Ning for her taste, others did not.

“This is more like confirming that Ning Ning is my bias,” commented netizen. “I still like NingNing even though I’m a chocolate lover,” said another netizen. “I don’t trust people who don’t like chocolate. We’re different species,” said another.

“Everyone must have flaws, I think this is their weakness. He doesn’t like sweet things,” said netizens. “Pineapple as a pizza topping? I think beautiful girls also have shortcomings,” another commented. “The thing to know, not everyone likes chocolate,” added another.

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