Ningning Aespa Vocals During A Duet With SHINee’s Onew At ‘SMTOWN Tokyo’ Floods Of Praise

The Members’ Performance Left No Doubt About Their Vocal Abilities After Them. NingNing In Particular Is Getting Well-Deserved Praise For Her Vocal Performance With SHINee’s Onew.

NingNing aespa once again earned praise for her live vocals after performing at “SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO”. One of the performances featured the duet of the “Girls” singer with SHINee ‘s Onew .

Like previous SMTOWN LIVE concerts in Korea, SM Entertainment’s concert in Tokyo was full of fun moments, many of which went viral. WayV’s Xiaojun , for example, is getting attention for the visuals he presents in his pink ponytail.

Along with Karina, NingNing herself shared adorable awkward moments with Xiaojun and the WayV members, keeping fans amused by their antics. But of course, the aespa is there to impress the audience.

The members’ performance left no doubts about their vocal abilities once they proved that their microphones were on. NingNing in particular is getting well-deserved praise for her vocal performance with SHINee’s Onew.

Together they sang “Way,” and literally wowed everyone with their beautiful voices. As the lead vocalist of SHINee, Onew is no stranger to praise for his vocals. At the previous SMTOWN LIVE concert, Onew sang with f(x) ‘s Luna and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany , so it’s no surprise that aespa’s main vocalist, NingNing this year took the stage with him.

Fans are excited to finally see the duet of Onew and NingNing, and this is not without reason. NingNing proved that even though she is still inexperienced when compared to her other seniors in SM, her live vocals are second to none.

Fans praised how good his voice was during a duet with Onew and how the Chinese singer was a versatile idol. aespa may be the maknae of SM Entertainment, but NingNing is already a vocalist whose vocal skills are recognized.

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