Nixed: Nixon on the hunt for JFK’s killer in the trailer for the animated film

Nixed is the title of an animated film that we owe to director Michael Davis and that imagines Nixon grappling with the mystery of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Today came the trailer, which shows us something very interesting.

Michael Davis , who is the director of the action with Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci Shoot ‘Em Up , directed an animated film which he is particularly satisfied with and which stars one of the most ambiguous and luciferian figures in American political history: Richard Nixon . The man who was president of the United States from 1969 to 1974 becomes a cartoon in Nixed , which will premiere at the Annency International Animation Film Festival and whose trailer has just been released.

Nixed: the plot and the enthusiasm of the director
What’s interesting about Nixed is that Michael Davis not only directed and wrote the screenplay for it, but he also took care of the animation, taking four years to complete his work. The film is a mystery, centered on Nixon ‘s attempt to investigate the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy . The director put his heart into the project and said in this regard:

The last few years have been the best time of my life. Making Nixed was the authorial cinematic experience par excellence for me. I only had one person to account for: my lender. Otherwise I had total control – the script, the direction, the production and the animation. I learned how to use Maya and I dealt entirely with Computer Graphics, as well as learning how to use Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools. I edited the film and also thought about the sound.

Richard Nixon solves the mystery of John F. Kennedy’s real killer in a political animated film for adults that tells the famous historical events of the years 1958-1994, mixing truth and fiction. Tricky Dick is convinced that the same shadow government that killed JFK is now trying to eliminate him too. Nixon investigates multiple suspicions and theories in his own way in an attempt to solve the mystery of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to save his life and the country. The CIA, the mafia, the Texan oilmen, the anti Castro Cubans, the Russians, the enemies of civil rights, Lyndon Baines Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and Lee Harvey Oswald are all suspects.
The Nixed trailer
The Nixed trailer is very interesting, first of all because Michael Davis enjoys mixing a plurality of styles, moving between naturalism and caricatures: those of famous political figures, for example. The film refers to a rather dark period in American politics and history, and Michael Davis appears to have been influenced, in his tale of a man and a nation, by the Herblock cartoons at the time of the Watergate scandal.

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