Not A Handsome Or Sexy Photo, This V BTS Instagram Post Reaches 20 Million Likes

V Joins Other World Celebrities In The List Of 20 Posts With The Most Likes. V’s Post Which Was Shared On December 7, 2021 Has Reached 20 Million Likes.

V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) again made an impressive achievement on Instagram. One of his posts reached 20 million likes.

Back in December 2021, the BTS members surprised ARMYs by creating personal accounts on Instagram. Since then, V has continued to set records, especially as a Korean artist.

This time, V joins other world celebrities in the list of 20 posts with the most likes. V’s post which was shared on 7 December 2021 has reached 20 million likes, becoming the 18th Instagram post with the most likes.

Interestingly, V’s post is not a handsome photo or something. It contains a row of photos of Yeontan, the idol’s favorite dog born in 1995.

In the photos shared, Yeontan looks adorable when posing in front of the camera, peeking from behind the door, so that it can be seen from the wine glass.

Since being introduced to the world, Yeontan’s popularity has skyrocketed. The Pomeranian dog is even the first trending on Twitter in the world every time it has a birthday.

Meanwhile, BTS has just made a comeback releasing an anthology album titled “Proof.” The members are currently busy promoting in South Korea and preparing their own solo albums.

From now on, they will be releasing their own official solo album. As the opening of a new era of BTS, J-Hope is scheduled to release his first official solo album in mid-July.

BTS also revealed that they had been living apart because they needed space for privacy after living together for a long time. Their dormitory contract has also expired and was not renewed.

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