Not Korean, BLACKPINK’s Lisa Praised For Doing This In Front Of The Media Crew

Many Fans Feel That Small Gestures Show The True Personality Of A Celebrity. So, It’s No Surprise That Lisa Won The Hearts Of Many Koreans Because Of Her Actions.

Lisa BLACKPINK ( Black Pink )’s attitude when arriving in Korea has recently been praised. Although not Korean, the idol did something that amazed netizens.

Many fans feel the small gestures really show the true personality of a celebrity. So, it’s no surprise that Lisa won the hearts of many Koreans because of her actions when she arrived from Paris not too long ago.

Although tired, Lisa greeted the fans who had been waiting for her with a smile. Netizens were most impressed when the 1997-born idol bowed to fans and media crew.

There are many cultural norms in Korea that Koreans sometimes ignore. In other words, the most basic etiquette was probably the most important in the Ginseng Country.

Koreans bow when greeting someone either for the first time or to someone of a higher social rank. Like a boss at work, or someone much older.

Koreans also bow in a formal setting when someone greets the media, fans, or viewers. Although to a non-Korean bowing may seem unnecessary, in Korea, it is a sign of respect and acknowledgment. No wonder Lisa was praised by netizens.

“I saw Lisa coming back from Celine’s Paris show on YouTube, and even though she must be tired, she greeted the fans and waved to them. Even in Paris, she was always smiling. Honestly, I didn’t really care about her, but now I really like her, “said netizens.

Other netizens agreed and showered Lisa with lots of compliments. Many call Lisa’s personality very pleasant and admirable.

“He is indeed very cute just by seeing how he handles his manager’s situation (fraud case),” commented netizens. “Lisa is always like that. I’m just worried that she’s too kind. Because she’s so kind, she becomes the target of scammers like her manager,” added the netizen.

“There’s nothing to hate about Lisa,” said another. “This is the real one. If someone changes because they are at the top, that’s their true character,” concluded another.

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