Not Only Minus Mark-Haechan, NCT Dream’s Formation Performs Without Complete Members Every Year Highlights

Fans Highlighted How NCT Dream Often Appeared Without A Full Lineup Of Members During Their 6-Year Debut. Not Only The Schedule Effect Clashed With NCT 127.

NCT is known to be a group with a very different format than the general male idol group. Since the beginning, SM Entertainment has announced that NCT has an unlimited number of members. So, there is a possibility to increase it in the future.

At first, NCT also had several sub-units which were revealed to be non-permanent. So far, there are 4 sub-units, namely NCT ​​127 , NCT Dream , WayV , and NCT U.

However, after debuting several years, the 3 sub units were finally permanent with the same members as they are today. This is because many fans have requested that the NCT sub unit be made permanent.

This causes some members to have 2 different permanent subs. Mark Lee and Haechan are members of NCT 127 as well as NCT Dream. Then, Winwin also became a member of NCT 127 and WayV.

The debuts in these 2 sub units certainly made these 3 NCT members finally absent from one of the groups if the schedules clashed. NCT Dream often appears with 5 members without Mark and Haechan. Meanwhile, Winwin now seems more focused on WayV.

Fans later discovered that NCT Dream was a sub-unit of NCT that often appeared with incomplete formations since its debut. However, not only without Mark and Haechan.

At the initial debut in 2016, NCT Dream appeared with a complete member of 7 people. In 2017, Jaemin had to take a hiatus due to an injury making NCT Dream appear with 6 members.

Mark then graduated in 2018, so NCT Dream returned to appear with 6 members even though Jaemin returned. Even so, Mark later returned to NCT Dream because of the demands of permanent members according to debut. NCT Dream was originally a group consisting of non-legal age NCT members.

Late 2018 to early 2019, Haechan also went on hiatus due to injury. At this moment, Mark had his last concert with NCT Dream.

In 2020, the maknae or youngest member, Jisung, was found to be injured. Thus, NCT Dream appeared with 5 members after Mark graduated.

Mark is known to officially return to NCT Dream in 2021. However, he and Haechan are increasingly taking hiatus in 2021 due to their busy lives at NCT 127. So, NCT Dream has often promoted as 5 members to date.

Lastly, in 2022 NCT Dream also had to perform for some time without Chenle being injured during the album “Glitch Mode”. However, Chenle continued to sing along on stage and “disappeared” when the choreography was difficult.

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