Not Wearing Makeup, V BTS’s Appearance Before Attending The Celine Fashion Show Became A Hot Topic

On Friday (1/7), W Korea Magazine Released Their Exclusive Photo With V BTS Which Was Taken Before The Celine Show. What’s The Portrait Without The Make-Up Of The Owner Of The Name Kim Taehyung Like?

Recently V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) attended the Celine Homme Summer 23 Show after receiving a personal invitation from Hedi Slimane, creative director of the famous brand Celine. He came to the event with two other famous artists namely BLACKPINK ‘s Lisa ( Black Pink ) and Park Bo Gum .

On Friday (1/7), W Korea magazine released their exclusive photo with V BTS which was taken before the Celine show. These photos immediately became a hot conversation because V looked very impressive even though he wasn’t wearing makeup on his face.

V, who has a plain face without makeup, looks like he is getting ready for the event. He displayed a rock n’ roll atmosphere when wearing a red leather jacket combined with black leather pants.

The 1995-born idol wore a complete outfit from Celine’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection entitled “Boy Doll”. This collection is designed to evoke a youthful and androgynous aesthetic.

The photos from W Korea immediately became trending in the Hot Category on the online community site theqoo . Netizens claimed to be very surprised after seeing V BTS’s amazing appearance even though he had not done his hair and makeup. Check out some of the netizens’ comments below:

“It’s amazing, he still looks handsome even without makeup,” said a netizen. “V has good eyes. The atmosphere changes with his eyes and gaze,” added another netizen. “If V doesn’t do his hair and make up his face, he looks very innocent and handsome. He was born with that vibe,” added another netizen.

“Why does V need makeup? There seems to be no change between before and after makeup,” said another netizen. “But I feel that he looks more like an actor than a rock star,” said another netizen. “I want to know what the existence of a stylist team means to him,” said another netizen.

“Wow, he looks like a work of art,” said another netizen. “He looks more handsome with an innocent face without makeup!” another word. “Her innocent face is more chic and sharp. Her face is so handsome and perfect!” concluded other netizens and much more.

Meanwhile, V received a lot of praise from fashion experts after attending the Celine event. He is said to have an extraordinary aura that managed to attract a lot of attention.

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