Nothing Yet Tae Yeon Apologized For SNSD On ‘Soshi Tam Tam’, Why?

‘Soshi Tam Tam’, A Variety Show Ahead Of SNSD’s 15th Anniversary Will Soon Be Broadcast On 5 July. It Hasn’t Aired Yet, The Leader Tae Yeon Has Given Important Points That Fans Must Pay Attention To.

Girls’ Generation or familiarly called SNSD will soon greet viewers in the variety show ” Soshi Tam Tam ” in the near future. It’s okay, the leader Tae Yeon has apologized about the event.

The four SNSD members, Tae Yeon, Sunny , Kwon Yuri , and Hyoyeon shared their thoughts on “Soshi Tam Tam”. As is known, this variety show will be the first for them after deciding to separate agencies since 2017. What’s more special, they will be making their first comeback in five years and at the same time celebrating their 15th anniversary since their debut.

Tae Yeon himself was happy to finally be back with his favorite SNSD members on a television show. Moreover, the eight of them will greet SONE together in a beautiful summer.

Tae Yeon said, “It seems like a big festival has started. It feels like a big holiday again. I hope that we and our fans will both experience this wonderful season with a pleasant atmosphere.”

Next, Tae Yeon gave a little hint before watching “Soshi Tam Tam” featuring the eight members of SNSD. After 15 years of career, of course there will be changes in them.

“I’m grateful to hear that I will be watching the variety show I did at the beginning of my debut again, but I also want to apologize,” said Tae Yeon. “You will be able to feel how much SNSD has changed in 2022 and how consistent they are.”

Just like Tae Yeon, the other three members were also enthusiastic to greet SONE again. They are grateful for being given a special opportunity like this which is rare.

Yuri said, “I’m grateful to be able to shoot SNSD’s lively and natural appearance through the ‘Soshi Tam Tam’ program along with the production of the 15th anniversary album and share it with fans.”

Already looking forward to this program, Hyoyeon was able to realize her wish for a long time. “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a full-fledged entertainer. I’ve been waiting for a long time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sunny waited for SNSD’s moment to be able to appear as she was while still being loved by fans. “We can’t wait to be able to show the fun and honest side of the whole group because we haven’t been together for a long time,” Sunny explained.

Meanwhile, “Soshi Tam Tam” will premiere on July 5. This variety show can be watched every Tuesday at 21:00 local time.

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