Now Focusing On Acting, Kim Jong Hyeon, Former NU’EST, Feels Challenged To Show Another Side Through His Role

Actor Kim Jong Hyeon Or Who Also Previously Had The Stage Name JR Ex-NU’EST Has Decided To Have A Career In Acting So He Wants To Show Off A Different Side Of Himself.

After NU’EST announced their group disbanding, three of them decided not to renew their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment. Now, JR, who changed his stage name to Kim Jong Hyeon, signed an exclusive contract with EVERMORE Entertainment.

Kim Jong Hyeon, who now chooses to be active as an actor, admitted that he felt a proud sensation. Happily, Kim Jong Hyeon revealed that he wanted to show a different side of himself.

“I can see a side of me that I don’t know. I can be an angry Kim Jong Hyeon or a crying Kim Jong Hyeon. I feel like I can show a different side of me,” he said.

When asked what his biggest concern is right now, Kim Jong Hyeon actually said that it was when he was at a fan meeting. The reason is, Kim Jong Hyeon finds it difficult to master the stage alone.

“Performance at fan meetings is my biggest concern. I always think, what else can I show? How should I set the stage, and what kind of performance should I put on? I want to show a different side of myself that I’ve never shown before,” he explained.

“There are people who support me, so I can work hard with the strength they give me. I will work harder to show more sides of me to them,” he said.

Besides, Kim Jong Hyeon mentioned how his musical career is. When discussing where he got the inspiration for his lyrics, Kim Jong Hyeon actually started little by little.

“I tend to think, should I start with this word. When I think of a word, I start writing little by little,” he explained. Kim Jong Hyeon also mentioned his favorite lyrics in the line of the song “A Song For You” by NU’EST.

“The lyric line ‘I am live in your season’ from NU’EST. I really like the lyrics because it means I’m in your heart all year long,” said Kim Jong Hyeon later.

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