‘Once Upon A Small Town’ Production Team Talks About Working With Animals While Filming In Rural Areas

Starring Joy, Chu Young Woo And Baek Sung Chul, This Kakao TV Drama Is Adapted From A Web Novel Of The Same Name And Is About A Man From Seoul Who Meets A Policewoman While Living In The Countryside.

Not long ago the production team for the drama “Once Upon A Small Town” revealed the behind-the-scenes story during the filming process. Starring Red Velvet’s Joy , Chu Young Woo and Baek Sung Chul , this upcoming Kakao TV drama is adapted from the web novel of the same name and is about a man from Seoul who meets a policewoman while living in the countryside.

Along with the love story of two characters with a fresh natural background, this drama will depict the ups and downs of the pure and humane people of Heedong Village. The production team shared that the reason they decided to dramatize the novel was the element of cozy romance between charming characters in the setting of peaceful rural life.

The production team also pointed out three different points of this drama where first, the refreshing rural life will bring comfort to the viewers, second, the actors have perfect chemistry and synchronization with their charming characters. While the third, beautiful animals create a funny and happy atmosphere.

Since the drama is set in a rural area, there are many scenes where animals appear. The production team shared how they prepared to shoot with animals. From the script writing process, we received suggestions from veterinarians and modified them so that we could film safely. In scenes where real animals appear, we first set up a safe environment with the help of a veterinarian and then filmed under the supervision of a veterinarian and professional trainers. All props that come into contact with animals are specially made of silicone to ensure safety, and anything that could be dangerous is excluded as much as possible. Many veterinarians work very hard with us to create the safest environment possible,” the team said.

Meanwhile, when asked about the difficulty of filming in the scorching heat, the production team commented, “There are many places where there is no shelter, so we experienced some difficulties. However, we really enjoy the feeling of purification that comes from pollution-free and clean nature (in the countryside). There were many moments when the staff and actors forgot about the heat and stared in awe at the beautiful scenery. One day when we were on our way to dinner after filming, the sunset was so beautiful that everyone stopped and started taking pictures of each other. We are so proud to be able to capture that beauty on screen.” “Once Upon a Small Town” will premiere on September 5 at 7 p.m. KST.

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