Park Eun Bin Banned It In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, Acting Gets Lots Of Praise

In The Second Teaser For ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, Park Eun Bin Who Plays A Lawyer With Asperger’s Syndrome Gets A Lot Of Prohibitions On Doing And Saying A Lot Of Things.

Ahead of the broadcast, ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” released an interesting second teaser. Park Eun Bin ‘s appearance in the one-minute video was also considered impressive.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome who joins a large law firm. With an IQ of 164, Woo Young Woo has an impressive memory, and creative thinking process.

So smart, Woo Young Woo graduated with the highest grades in his class from Seoul National University. However, he has a problem with social interaction and must be prejudiced against his limitations. In addition, Woo Young Woo really likes whale and kimbap.

The teaser video opens by introducing Woo Young Woo, which raises curiosity. After he introduces himself nervously and happily, a colleague named Choi Soo Yeon ( Ha Yoon Kyung ) says, “Don’t do that! Goose and tomatoes are forbidden!”

Embarrassed, Young Woo regained his composure. As soon as he opens his mouth again, his father Woo Gwang Ho ( Jeon Bae Soo ) appears warning, “Don’t talk about whales anymore. This isn’t an aquarium.”

In addition, Young Woo is seen showing a change in expression as other people give him other advice. However, the appearance of Lee Joon Ho ( Kang Tae Oh ) at the end implies affection for the first time without words containing prohibitions. “Lawyers intrigue me,” he said, raising his curiosity.

Immediately after the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” teaser was released, many comments were in praise of Park Eun Bin’s acting. Netizens can’t wait to see Park Eun Bin’s acting in full as Woo Young Woo.

“Park Eun Bin’s acting is extraordinary,” said a netizen. “I can’t stop smiling,” said another netizen. “Looks very fresh and exciting,” continued another. “I will wait for our Young Woo,” added another.

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will premiere on June 29. Released on Netflix, this drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00 local time.

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