PDKT, Joo Jong Hyuk Diligently Comments On Ha Yoon Kyung’s Post ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ On IG

The Cast Of The Drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, Joo Jong Hyuk And Ha Yoo Kyung Are Seen Often Showing Their Close Interactions Through Their Respective Instagram Accounts.

The drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is currently taking full attention. No wonder the actors also get the spotlight from fans.

The cast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” did not hesitate to show their closeness through their respective Instagram accounts. Actors Joo Jong Hyuk and Ha Yoon Kyung also showed their closeness through their respective Instagram accounts.

Joo Jong Hyuk looks quite diligent in enlivening the comment column for Ha Yoon Kyung’s new upload. Previously, the handsome actor born in 1991 showed sweet comments for the portrait of Ha Yoon Kyung and Park Eun Bin on the set of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

” Happy time with Woo Young Woo, ” said Ha Yoon Kyung in the caption . ” Similar, ” said Joo Jong Hyuk.

Unexpectedly, Joo Jong Hyuk also did not hesitate to comment on Ha Yoon Kyung’s portrait outside the location of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. The interaction between Joo Jong Hyuk and Ha Yoon Kyung in the comments also shows their closeness.

” I’m a fan of Sang Hoon! I want to have a t-shirt too! ” I’m the handsome actor. ” Go buy and use it, ” replied Ha Yoon Kyung hilariously.

Sang Hoon Joo Jong Hyuk means Moon Sang Hoon, he is known to have a cameo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Moon Sang Hoon plays Kim Jeong Hun, an autistic person in one of the cases in the drama.

Ha Yoon Kyung seems to be wearing a t-shirt from a brand made by Moon Sang Hoon to show support. Sweet!

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