Previously Status As A Leader, Here’s Kim Jonghyeon’s Comment About NU’EST’s Disbandment

During An Interview Recently, JR, Who Has Now Changed His Stage Name To Kim Jonghyeon, Also Commented On The Disbandment Of NU’EST. Here’s The Full Narrative.

Recently, JR , who has changed his stage name to Kim Jonghyeon, underwent an interview with The Star magazine . He talked about many interesting things, including the disbandment of his group, NU’EST .

In February, NU’EST announced the disbandment of the group after Kim Jonghyeon, Aron and Ren did not renew their contracts with Pledis Entertainment. Then in March, Kim Jonghyeon signed with EVERMORE Entertainment.

In his interview with The Star , Kim Jonghyeon expressed his gratitude to the fans who continue to support him even though he is no longer part of NU’EST. In addition, he also wants to drink with other former members to reminisce about the past.

Kim Jonghyeon is the leader of NU’EST, and when asked about the group’s disbandment he said, “I have many thoughts as a member and not as a leader.”

“I’m looking forward to a new start, but I’m also afraid to stand alone. I think I’m experiencing various emotions. Let’s have a drink and reminisce about the past,” said Kim Jonghyeon to his four NU’EST colleagues.

Regarding where he got the inspiration for his lyrics, Kim Jonghyeon shared, “I tend to think, ‘Should I start with this word?’ When I think of a word, I start writing little by little.”

He also mentioned his favorite lyric is the line “I am live in your season” from NU’EST’s “A Song For You”. He commented, “I really like the lyrics because they mean I’m in your heart all year round.”

Lastly, Kim Jonghyeon expressed his determination to work harder in the future. “There are people who support me, so I think I can work hard with the strength they give. I will work harder to show more sides of me to them,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, in 2021 Kim Jonghyeon starred in the SBS drama ” Let Me Be Your Knight “. In the drama he played a member of the Luna group named Lee Shin.

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