Really Sexy Original Outfit, Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM Appears Closed This Way

The Outfit Worn By Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM When He Was A Special MC Of The Music Show ‘Inkigayo’ Recently Turned Out To Be Much More Closed Than The Original Version.

Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM is known to be the special MC of the weekly music show “Inkigayo”. He is known to replace the position of his agency partner, Yeonjun , who was vacuumed due to a concert tour with TXT .

On the new episode of “Inkigayo”, Kim Chaewon looks cute in a pink short dress. Kim Chaewon’s appearance also looked elegant and graceful by wearing a pearl headband and wearing a necklace and earrings.

The beautiful idol born in 2000 also looked mature when wearing the short sleeveless dress. He also looked adorable by wearing white and black high heels to complete his outfit .

The dress worn by Kim Chaewon was revealed to be a collection from the famous British luxury brand, Sleep Over Sleep. The dress is dubbed “Cinnamon Girl” and was revealed to be priced at £220.

Interestingly, the short dress worn by Kim Chaewon turned out to be made more closed than the original version. In the original version, the pink dress has a bolder chest model.

One of the Sleep Over Sleep dresses actually has a low-cut model. So, it will show a little part of the chest if worn.

However, the dress worn by leader LE SSERAFIM was slightly modified. On the chest, the dress is given additional pink fabric. Thus, Kim Chaewon’s appearance remains polite even though the original dress is open.

Meanwhile, Kim Chaewon will most likely no longer be the special MC for “Inkigayo” next week. The reason is, TXT members including Yeonjun have returned to South Korea today.

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