Receives A Lot Of Praise, Suzy Cries When She Says Goodbye To Star In ‘Anna’

‘Anna’ Is Arguably One Of Suzy’s Most Successful Projects. Because The Actress Got A Lot Of Praise For Her Acting As A Con Artist By Living Someone Else’s Life.

” Anna ” has ended broadcasting since July 8th. Once finished, Suzy ‘s agency MANAGEMENT SOOP released a video showing the last filming at the same time when the actress said goodbye after she finished starring in the Coupang Play drama.

The video released on July 11 shows footage of the filming process when Yoo Mi (Suzy) was still a student, working at the Marais gallery, teaching university to when she joined the Seoul Mayor’s campaign with her husband.

After filming the campaign scene, Suzy seemed to jump happily hugging the staff of “Anna” because the shooting process had ended. The beautiful actress seemed to take pictures with the players and the production team as a sign of the end of production.

But Suzy also still got a surprise from SOOP MANAGEMENT staff. Like other celebrations for the actor’s completion of filming, Suzy was seen posing in the back of the car which was decorated with a balloon that reads Anna. He also got a bouquet of flowers.

When asked about the filming of “Anna” which had ended, Suzy apparently couldn’t hold back her tears. “I thought I was going to cry,” said Suzy, who immediately got cheers for not crying from the staff.

But Suzy still couldn’t hold back her tears even though she covered it with a bouquet of flowers or even turned around. “Please send your love and support, everyone is working really hard on ‘Anna’. We’re done,” said Suzy.

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