‘Red Queen’ flavored with ‘Riot Police’: The Prime Video adaptation signs its protagonists

Who were going to be the protagonists of Reina Roja , the Prime Video adaptation of the successful trilogy by Juan Gómez-Jurado , was the question that fans of the famous detective work had been asking since the streaming platform first announced that among his closest future plans was transferring the literary bestseller to the small screen. Then it was January 2022 and at the presentation event, the main managers of the platform Mª José Rodriguez (Head of Spanish Originals at Amazon) and Koro Castellano (Director of Prime Video in Spain) made sure that It was “one of the biggest bets” of the company.

And as such, the announcement of the main cast of Reina Roja has taken place at an event intended for this purpose, in which it has been confirmed that Vicky Luengo and Hovik Keuchkerian will be in charge of getting into the skin of the main roles: Antonia Scott and Jon Gutierrez . A couple of signings with an absolute flavor of Riot , the famous Movistar + series that swept 2020 and in which both actors played main characters.

The series, which will begin filming soon, is produced by Dopamine and Focus, with Amaya Muruzábal as showrunner and executive producer, while sharing script duties with Salvador Perpiñá. Similarly, the author of the work Juan Gómez-Jurado has also been key to the launch of the ambitious television project and, in fact, was present at the official announcement by Prime Video of the launch of the series that so excited the fans.

With the honor of being the best-selling book in Spain for the third consecutive year, there are reasons to think of the television adaptation of Reina Roja as one of the most promising future projects on Amazon’s streaming platform. At the moment the first novel of the trilogy will be adapted and will be released in the 240 countries in which the streaming service is operational.

In Red Queen we will follow in the footsteps of Antonia Scott, a woman who, as readers of the trilogy know very well, has an IQ of 242 and is officially the smartest person on Earth. That intelligence earned her to become the nickname “Red Queen” of a secret and experimental police project, but unfortunately her gift would end up being a curse and Antonia (Luengo) would lose everything.

However, when the son of a powerful tycoon is found grotesquely murdered in his mansion, and, at the same time, the daughter of the richest man in Spain is kidnapped, the Red Queen organization is on the move again. And that is how Mentor, who was Antonia’s former boss, ends up turning to a Basque police officer who is in a delicate moment in the force: Jon Gutiérrez, who is played by Hovik Keuchkerian, also a former Money Heist. His role will be to reactivate Antonia and together carry out an investigation against the clock that will allow them to establish a relationship as complex as it is wonderful.

An incredible chemistry between two actors who already know each other very well and who only have praise for this project: “Antonia Scott has one of the most fascinating minds I’ve ever read,” said Vicky Luengo at the event. “From the moment I started learning about her story, she had me hooked by her light and the complexity of her. I’m looking forward to learning how to deal with monkeys from her.” “Sancho Panza had a pending update,” added Hovik Keuchkerian amused.

At the moment, there is no scheduled release date on the table and there are still many details to be known, but the Red Queen will be a reality on Prime Video and, now, it is one step closer.

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