RM BTS Was Shocked When He Made A Tattoo For The First Time, Why?

Some BTS Members, Like RM, Have Never Had A Tattoo Before Their Friendship Numbers. In A Recent Live Broadcast, RM Shared His First Tattoo Experience.

BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recently got the number 7 friendship tattoo representing the group. Every member, except Suga , has revealed their tattoos, including RM ( Rap Monster ).

For some members, like RM, it was their first tattoo. So, in a recent live broadcast, the owner of the name Kim Namjoon told his first experience of being tattooed.

RM explained that the whole process took about two hours. First, they stamped the design, and he likened it to practice.

“It took me two hours to, before we have a tattoo, we have to stamp because, it’s like practice. We just stamp, print the font, stamp the whole body, and then, you know, see how it’s made,” said RM.

They also take time to decide on the font and its position. The fonts used by each BTS member are all different.

“It took two hours for the stamp and to decide on the font, the position of the tattoo,” continued the 1994-born idol and musician.

But what surprised RM the most was that the process of getting the ink only took a few minutes. So, he prepared for two hours for something that only took two minutes.

“It only took two minutes to have a tattoo on my ankle,” said the BTS leader.

RM explained that since it was a small 7, it was actually just two connecting lines. So, the tattoo artist did one little line, then another, and done.

“So it’s like ‘because it’s seven. You only have two lines. It’s like one, ‘Oh, ouch,’ and then one, ‘Oh, ouch,’ and then it’s done so yeah,” he said.

Even so, RM is happy with his decision to get a tattoo because it has great meaning and symbolizes his bond with the BTS members.

“I just still can’t believe that I actually have real tattoos on my body,” said the “Forever Rain” singer.

Before RM got this tattoo, he had doubts about the previous tattoo. It was because he was afraid to regret after drawing his own body.

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