RM BTS’s Make-Up At The Grammys Is Exactly The Same As The Mafia Boss, Jin’s Unexpected Comment

In A Behind-The-Scenes Video Of BTS’ Performance At The 2022 Grammy Awards, Jin And Jimin Reveal What They Thought Of RM’s Performance. Their Opinions Are Very Different.

Jin and Jimin BTS have very different opinions about the all-black appearance of RM ( Rap Monster ) at the 2022 Grammy Awards. Their difference of opinion has successfully invited fans to laugh.

Back in April 2022, BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) managed to amaze many people with their stage act featuring “Butter.” The group of seven people turned into spies for James Bond.

Lots of interesting moments to watch over and over again, especially since many things are easy to miss. One of the things that stood out was the black suits they wore at the event.

In a behind-the-scenes video of BTS’ performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, Jin and Jimin reveal what they thought of RM’s performance. After performing, the members apparently watched the recording together and gave each other sincere compliments on their performance.

While watching their introduction, Jin and Jimin couldn’t help but comment on RM’s appearance. Jimin cutely said, “He looks like a mob boss.”

But Jin actually gave an unexpected comment. According to him, the leader is really cute.

Fans couldn’t help but point out how hilarious Jin and Jimin’s disagreements were about RM’s appearance, especially since they were both right. RM does look like an adorable mafia boss.

As the members continued monitoring, Jin also pointed out that RM had finally taken over his role in the choreography, as he was unable to dance at the time. RM said it felt the same, because both have broad shoulders.

While Jin and Jimin make fun of RM for his mob boss-like appearance, the video also shows how much they value him as a friend and leader.

BTS is currently focusing on their individual activities by reducing group promotions. J-Hope became the first member to debut solo by releasing an album titled “Jack in the Box.”

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