Running From Problems, Leeseo IVE’s Attitude In Hidden Cameras Reaps Pros And Con

Leeseo IVE’s Attitude When Being Pranked Through A Hidden Camera Immediately Became A Conversation In The Online Community And Raised The Pros And Cons Of His Attitude.

The attitude of K-Pop idols outside the camera is often a public conversation. Especially if the attitude is considered unusual to show.

This time, it was Leeseo IVE that suddenly became the talk of the online community by Knetz. This is after IVE’s “1,2,3 IVE EP.2” content was released through their official YouTube channel.

In the content, the IVE members were pranked in turn by the staff. The IVE members were secretly filmed at the moment and the staff acted in front of them.

IVE members were pranked by showing staff accidentally spoiling or dropping a cake. The staff was then scolded by his seniors.

Leeseo’s attitude became the most highlighted because it was judged not to care. Leeseo himself looked panicked at that time and could only be silent. Leeseo then left the location of the staff who pretended to be angry.

Leeseo’s attitude actually raises the pros and cons of Knetz. A post entitled ” For hidden camera IVE, doesn’t mean Leeseo did anything wrong… ” was widely discussed.

I don’t know how to explain this, but petty situations like this tend to show what type of person you are… Even if you can’t say that we ruined it, like the rest of the members Liz? Or is it Rei?, you can still help cover it up. the maknae staff. But he didn’t do any of that and was like ‘wait a minute’ and just tried to stay away from the situation. To be honest, I don’t really like people like that…, ” Knetz explained.

The post was then greeted with pros and cons from Knetz. Some feel that this shows Leeseo’s genuine attitude of not really caring about others. However, many also defended Leeseo by saying the beautiful idol was just panicking and scared.

” Since when did blaming others make you a caring person? So many weird things, ” said one Knetz. ” Why do they do this kind of hidden camera prank TT, ” said another. ” But if you look at the video, it’s not because he’s trying to escape the situation, but he looks really worried. I just feel sorry for him while watching, ” explained another.

” Why should an underage girl cover up mistakes made by adults? This is ridiculous, ” said another.

” If you’re in high school, you’re mature enough kekeke, ” said another. ” He didn’t do anything bad, but as a person it just makes you lose your charm, ” explained another. ” But why the way to talk like that? ” another comment. ” It makes him look like he has poor social skills, ” said another.

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