‘Running Man’ Members Want To Watch Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo Date 1 Hour

Yoo Jae Seok Suddenly Had An Idea Involving Song Ji Hyo And Kim Jong Kook’s Love Line. Unexpectedly, The Other ‘Running Man’ Members Immediately Agreed To Yoo Jae Seok’s Idea.

“Running Man” presents the latest episode on June 26. In the latest episode of the SBS program, the production team has prepared various summer vacation missions which they sorted from the viewer’s idea.

But most of the ideas from the audience were not liked by the “Running Man” members. Jeon So Min cs then played a picture guessing game which finally allowed the members to change 4 activity slots.

Among the ideas mentioned, Yoo Jae Seok suddenly had an idea involving Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook ‘s love line . “Oh, I have an idea. Watch Jong Kook and Ji Hyo date for 1 hour,” said Yoo Jae Seok.

Unexpectedly, the other “Running Man” members immediately agreed to Yoo Jae Seok’s idea. But Kim Jong Kook immediately refused to say, “Wait. What’s your problem. Don’t write it down.”

However, Yoo Jae Seok was indifferent and filled 1 of their activity slots by watching Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook on a date. “That’s fun. I like the idea. 1 hour sounds like fun,” said the “Running Man” members in turn.

Kim Jong Kook staunchly disagreed saying the dating activities had nothing to do with their theme that day. Ji Suk Jin then said, “It’s related. Seeing you guys together makes you happy and happy.”

Kim Jong Kook finally gave up and said dating Song Ji Hyo was not a hard thing. The funny thing is that Song Ji Hyo excitedly said, “Let’s go to that place. The terrace that Seok Jin oppa talked about.”

Unfortunately, the wishes of the “Running Man” members were not fulfilled. Because the arrow actually stopped at the writing of the production team, namely “Yoo Jae Seok Show” where the National MC was free to do any activities.

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