Sad, This Is The Purpose Of The Appearance Of A Killer Whale In The Trial Scene Of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

The Appearance Of A Killer Whale During The ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Trial Scene Turned Out To Have A Hidden Message. What’s That? Check Out The Full Explanation Below.

” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” is again receiving praise for its incredible detail. This time, netizens highlighted the presence of killer whales in the trial scene of Bang Gu Ppong ( Koo Kyo Hwan ) which aired on Wednesday (27/7).

In this episode, Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) is faced with a unique child abduction case by Bang Gu Ppong. Bang Gu Ppong, on behalf of himself as the Commander of the Children’s Liberation Army, was desperate to take over his mother’s Academy bus, to take the children to a nearby hill.

There, Bang Gu Ppong invited the children to play and have fun so that they could take a break from the hectic schedule of lessons. Although not evil, this action is indeed categorized as kidnapping.

After learning about Bang Gu Ppong’s feelings, Woo Young Woo suddenly thought of a killer whale, also known as an Orca. Woo Young Woo realized that the children who were trapped in the academy due to long study hours without rest, also dreamed of liberation.

This situation is similar to that experienced by killer whales with hooked dorsal fins that are confined in an aquarium for a very long time. In fact, there was a time when a killer whale intentionally injured itself by banging its head against the glass due to severe stress.

Bang Gu Ppong’s mother, who is the director of Mujin Academy, claimed that her son was mentally unwell. But Woo Young Woo criticized him by saying, “The only people who don’t understand Mr. Bang are adults.”

Interestingly, killer whale CG was also seen during the final trial after Bang Gu Ppong and the “victims” read the Declaration of Child Liberation. In this scene, the killer whale is seen swimming in the courtroom as if celebrating its freedom.

In the end, many were impressed by the efforts of the production team to attribute the poor education system in Korea to the issue of killer whales trapped in aquariums. One netizen commented, “Wow, I got goosebumps.” Another added, “The direction is insane. It’s impressive.”

Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” again recorded a high rating of 15.8 percent. This is the highest rating he has achieved since it aired on June 29.

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