Se7en Talks About The Closeness Between His Girlfriend Lee Da Hae And Heechul Who Are Known To Be Good Friends

While Appearing As A Guest On The Show ‘Knowing Bros’, Lee Sang Min Asked Se7en About The Closeness Of His Girlfriend Lee Dae Hae And Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

Recently on the JTBC entertainment program “Knowing Bros” which aired on July 16 yesterday, Chungha , Se7en and Kim Hee Jae appeared as guests. On that occasion Lee Sang Min asked Se7en about the closeness of his girlfriend Lee Dae Hae and Kim Heechul .

“I heard that Kim Heechul and Lee Da Hae were close at first, but they lost contact after Lee Da Hae started dating Se7en. Was it on purpose?” asked Lee Sang Min and Se7en replied, “I’ve also become distant from my female friends since I started dating Lee Da Hae. I think we should do this if we’re dating someone.”

Then regarding this, Kim Heechul said, “But I met Se7en separately and drank.” and Seo Jang Hoon asked Se7en, “Can your boyfriend meet Heechul?” Se7en surprised everyone by showing his free-spirited aspect, “It doesn’t matter to me. Heechul is fine.”

Whereas earlier in June 2009, Se7en admitted on his website that he and actress Park Han Byul had been in a relationship for seven years, with the couple first meeting when they were seniors in middle school. Se7en has previously denied rumors that they are a couple to protect the ex’s privacy. In December 2014, Park Han Byul’s agency confirmed that Park and Se7en had ended their 12-year relationship earlier that year. Then in September 2016, news outlet Sports Chosen reported that Se7en and actress Lee Da Hae had been dating for over a year.

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