Seo Hyun Jin And Hwang In Yeop Are Getting Uwu In ‘Why Her’, The ‘Walk In Place’ Rating Is In The Spotlight

Apart From The Development Of The Relationship Between Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin) And Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop) Which Is Increasingly Stealing The Attention Of Viewers, The Rating Of ‘Why Her’ Is In The Spotlight.

” Why Her ” has aired episode 9 on Friday (2/7). The development of Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop ‘s increasingly romantic relationship in particular has caught the attention of viewers.

With a mystery romance theme, “Why Her” tells the story of Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), a cold-hearted lawyer who feels empty after only pursuing success. Besides Oh Soo Jae, there is Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop), a law student who is willing to do anything to protect him.

As the youngest lawyer at Law Firm Kindergarten, the cold and cynical Oh Soo Jae is filled with ambition and a desire to win cases at any cost. When suddenly falling from luck in the blink of an eye, he meets Gong Chan who is very empathetic while hiding a painful scar.

As soon as episode 9 of “Why Her” aired, the drama was trending on Twitter. In addition to going crazy because Soo Jae and Gong Chan finally shared an intimate kiss at such a beautiful moment, viewers are getting more and more enthusiastic about their relationship that is just getting bigger.

“I will keep this scene close to my heart forever,” said one fan. “I just woke up from three hours of sleep and my mind immediately went to this confident guy! Ah, their chemistry is very stuck,” continued another fan.

Even so, the development of the rating of “Why Her” is considered “walking in place” regardless of the direction of the relationship between Soo Jae and Gong Chan is getting more interesting. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 9 recorded a nationwide rating of 8.9 percent. The figure is down 0.5 percent from 9.2 percent in episode 8.

“Why Her” has indeed experienced a constant increase since its premiere at a rating of 6 percent. However, the inability of this drama to score double digits after episode 4 is the highlight of why it continues to rotate in the 8 percent rating range.

Meanwhile, episode 10 of “Why Her” can be watched tonight, Saturday (2/7). This drama fills the Friday and Saturday airing slots at 22:00 local time.

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