Seo Hyun Jin Was Surprised By The Color Of The Prisoner’s Uniform At The ‘Why Her’ Filming Location

On The Sidelines Of Filming In The Campus Room, Seo Hyun Jin Confided That He Wanted To Go Home Soon. He Then Helped The Staff To Heat The Rice With An Appliance Brought From Home.

SOOP MANAGEMENT Agency recently re-released a video showing Seo Hyun Jin filming “Why Her”. The video shows many interesting moments from the beautiful actress on the sidelines of the shooting process.

On the sidelines of filming in the campus room, Seo Hyun Jin confided that he wanted to go home soon. “Why do I want to leave work as soon as I arrive? It’s not that I have plans after work but I want to go home,” vented Seo Hyun Jin.

Seo Hyun Jin then helped the staff to heat the rice with an appliance brought from home. “This is very cool. This is not PPL (advertisement). Can we blur the logo (rice cooking utensil)? I bought it,” said Seo Hyun Jin.

Seo Hyun Jin then went on to film several other scenes until he arrived at the prison. When looking at the behind-the-scenes camera, Seo Hyun Jin was shocked to ask, “When did you come? Are you here to see the prison?”

When asked how he felt about wearing a prison uniform, Seo Hyun Jin unexpectedly felt comfortable because the colors were bright. “It’s brighter than I thought. The color is mint. I was surprised. I can’t believe it,” said Seo Hyun Jin.

“I’ve never seen a prisoner’s uniform so bright in my life. This is a cute jumpsuit,” added Seo Hyun Jin. The video then shows the moment when Oh Soo Jae contemplates in the darkness of the prison.

The video moves to the moment when Seo Hyun Jin was filming in court. The beautiful actress shared that she used to sit in the lawyer’s chair but has now moved to the defendant’s seat.

“I have something to say at the lawyer’s place first. I was surprised when they told me to move,” said Seo Hyun Jin. He then watched the video while asking viewers to like, subscribe and comment on his YouTube videos.

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