Seo In Guk Has An Ideal Type Of Woman Who Is Not Grandiose, Take A Look At The Criteria

As A Public Figure Who Is Loved By Many Fans, It Raises Curiosity About The Ideal Type Of Woman For Seo In Guk. In Fact, This Singer And Actor Has Simple Criteria.

The highly talented multi-talented artist Seo In Guk achieved success in both singing and acting. When discussing what his ideal type of woman is, he reveals that his mother influenced him in choosing that figure.

Seo In Guk is known as a celebrity who always respects and respects his mother. The mother, who was not born into a wealthy family, collects used goods and goods and sells them to provide for her family. He will continue to do this even after Seo In Guk gains popularity.

Because he always considered his mother as a role model, Seo In Guk then presented his parents with a cash prize of 90 thousand dollars which he won from the singing contest ” Superstar K “. In addition, the actor then opened a cafe in his hometown of Ulsan for his mother, so that he could realize his dream.

When asked about his ideal type on SBS’s Snack Channel, Seo In Guk claimed that since middle school he has liked older women. According to the actor, he was influenced by his parents who are 7 years apart and always admired his older mother. Now that he was an adult, such fondness remained the same.

“For me, age doesn’t matter in love. I prefer smart women to beautiful women,” said Seo In Guk discussing his ideal type of woman. It’s no wonder that Seo In Guk wants a woman who is smart and smart considering that she looks in the mirror from her mother who is persistent in everything.

Meanwhile, the actor’s biggest hobby is eating. This was confirmed in his interview with “Daegorr’s The Celebrity” where Seo In Guk stated that he gets excited and rejoices when he sees strawberry banana juice.

In another interview with GQ Korea, the actor also revealed that his stress relievers are chicken, meat, chocolate, and sweets. Seo In Guk also never drinks unless the situation requires it. Moreover, Seo In Guk is very proud of his dimples and even calls it his secret weapon.

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