Seo In Guk Hugs Oh Yeon Seo In ‘Cafe Minamdang’ Teaser, Past Relationships Invite Question Mark

In The Third Teaser For ‘Cafe Minamdang’, The Complicated Relationship Between Seo In Guk And Oh Yeon Seo Is Shown At A Glance. The Production Team Hints At Something In The Past.

Closer to the broadcast schedule, KBS2 released the third teaser ” Cafe Minamdang “. This time, Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo ‘s complicated relationship is shown at a glance.

Carrying the mystery comedy genre, “Cafe Minamdang” tells the story of Nam Han Joon (Seo In Guk), a con artist who used to be a profiler. Unexpectedly, he becomes involved with Han Jae Hee (Oh Yeon Seo), a detective in the violent crimes unit who is passionate about justice.

The third teaser opens with a gloomy Nam Han Joon appearing wearing a neat suit and unfurling a colorful fan. The video shows Nam Han Joon calling himself a shaman at Cafe Minamdang.

Then Nam Han Joon’s subordinates such as Barista Gong Soo Cheol ( Kwak Si Yang ) to Nam Hye Joon ( Kang Mina ) who inhabit Cafe Minamdang are shown. Each of them also has a charm that is no less attractive than Nam Han Joon.

The viewers’ curiosity increased as soon as Han Jae Hee started speaking in voiceover. Meanwhile, the chase scene is shown, which invites curiosity.

“Weren’t you sentenced to prison for falsifying evidence three years ago? Did you become God in prison?” asked Han Jae Hee referring to Nam Han Jun’s past.

Then Nam Hye Joon watched his older brother Nam Han Joon dealing with VVIP customers through the monitor, showing his role as a genius hacker. Then there is Gong Soo Chul who shows contrasting characters during the day and night, raising question marks.

At the end of the video, Han Jae Hee is chased by an employee of Cafe Minamdang which adds to the tension. When he promised not to see each other again, Nam Han Joon instead held Han Jae Hee who was about to fall into his arms. Their complex relationship will be one of the interesting points of view in the drama.

Meanwhile, “Cafe Minamdang” will be broadcast starting June 27. As a substitute for ” Bloody Heart “, this drama fills the air slot every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 local time.

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