Seo Ye Ji Harvests Praise, Again Wearing Gifts From Fans In ‘Eve’ Scenes

Recently, Seo Ye Ji’s Fans Were Again Shocked By The Latest Facts In The 7th Episode Of The Drama ‘Eve’. The Actress Is Wearing A Different Outfit That Her Fans Know About Again.

After airing its latest episode, the drama ” Eve ” continues to reap the curiosity of its loyal viewers. In the latest episode, more precisely in the 7th episode, hysterical fans found Seo Ye Ji was again shown wearing clothes from her fans.

When Lee La El’s character (Seo Ye Ji) is monitoring his enemy Kang Yoon Kyum ( Park Byung Eun ) and his wife Han So Ra ( Yoon Sun ) carrying out the plan he has made, a flashback scene suddenly appears. In the scene, Lee Ra El’s character is seen in the middle of a dark forest and he looks scared and looking for something.

Lee La El then recalled the incident covered in blood and a sharp knife in someone’s hand. In this scene, Seo Ye Ji as the actor is seen wearing a white shirt and flowing hair and accentuating a plain and simple appearance.

Apparently, after fans found out what white shirt Seo Ye Ji was wearing, they immediately tracked it carefully. The T-shirt he made reads, “Forever by your side” which means “forever by your side”.

A fan proudly shared his experience that the shirt was a gift he gave to Seo Ye Ji in 2021. “We already had an inkling last night because the shirt was familiar with all the gifts sent for its 8th debut,” said a fan who spoke out about this truth. Seeing this, fans also appreciated Seo Ye Ji’s total effort with her drama.

“So happy he’s wearing the gift we sent him,” said a fan praising Seo Ye Ji. “There really is no one like him. His fans are so loved,” wrote another fan. “He did it again,” said a fan.

“Luckily a fan can be given a surprise like this and it is displayed in the drama,” said another fan. “The best Seo Ye Ji!” another fan comment.

As is known, this is not the first time Seo Ye Ji shows off the clothes given by her fans. In the previous episode he also wore a T-shirt from a fan and got excited.

Meanwhile, although the drama “Eve” continues to reap controversy because some of its scenes are intended for ratings of 19 years and over, the show always reaps high ratings. In addition, this drama collaborates with Seo Ye Ji after receiving criticism due to her gaslighting controversy.

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