Seo Ye Ji In Crisis After Her Dark Secret Is Revealed, Ending ‘Eve’ Reaps Question Marks

With Only Four Episodes Left, The Ending Of TvN Drama ‘Eve’ Sparked Question Marks Among Viewers Especially After Seo Ye Ji’s Secret Was Revealed. What’s The Full Review Like?

The ending of the tvN drama ” Eve ” has become a debate among viewers. Especially after the dark secret of Lee Ra El ( Seo Ye Ji ) was discovered by Han So Ra ( Yoo Sun ).

“Eve” is a drama about the divorce lawsuit of a conglomerate with assets of 2 trillion won that shocked the entire nation. Unbeknownst to the public, the lawsuit was the result of a carefully planned revenge scheme spanning 13 years.

Seo Ye Ji plays Lee Ra El, a dangerous but alluring woman who is the mastermind behind the divorce. He decides to take revenge after losing his family and wealth due to the crime of a conglomerate.

In the latest episode, “Eve” presents three crises in Lee Ra El’s life at once. The first crisis is that he is caught entering the secret vault of Kang Yoon Kyum ( Park Byung Eun ). There, he finds some important files to prove the LY Group’s crimes.

Despite finally being able to escape thanks to Kang Da Bi ( Noh Ha Yeon ), Kang Yoon Kyum seems to be starting to get suspicious of Lee Ra El. He even said, “Don’t make me look for answers to my discomfort.”

The second crisis occurred when Han So Ra found out the real identity of Lee Ra El who had been pretending to be Kim Sun Bin. Han So Ra even intended to reveal Lee Ra El’s identity to Kang Yoon Kyum by showing the girl’s past photo.

After that Han So Ra smiled triumphantly, while Kang Yoon Kyum glared at Lee Ra El as if he was starting to lose faith in her. This finally made viewers curious about what decision Kang Yoon Kyum would make.

The final crisis was when Jang Moon Hee ( Lee Il Hwa ), who was Lee Ra El’s revenge partner, was arrested by Han So Ra. This kidnapping raises question marks about what variables will arise as a result of the incident.

With a series of crises above, Lee Ra El inevitably has to face a crisis when his revenge goal is almost realized. Viewers also wonder if Lee Ra El will be able to overcome crisis after crisis and survive this painful “war”.

Meanwhile, “Eve” will air its final episode on July 21. Later this drama airing slot will be replaced with ” Adamas ” starring Ji Sung and Seo Ji Hye .

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