SEVENTEEN Members’ Secrets Revealed Sharing Underwear While In The Dormitory

Every Time You Live In A Hostel, There Must Be A Funny Story Behind It. Moreover, Living With 13 Members Makes SEVENTEEN Have A Secret Regarding Their Habit Of Sharing Underwear With Each Other.

Having been together since the trainee period at a young age makes SEVENTEEN (II) ‘s cohesiveness unquestionable. There are many things that still surprise fans because of the latest facts revealed by Woozi .

Woozi surprised the hosts by revealing that all SEVENTEEN members lived in the same dorm since they were trainees until their early debut when he appeared on the third episode of the web show “Chimpal Character Dictionary.” on June 11. Woozi shared that at that time, the SEVENTEEN members borrowed clothes from each other because they didn’t have their own wardrobe.

MC Joo Ho Min asked if the SEVENTEEN members share underwear. To everyone’s surprise, Woozi confessed that they did so making everyone laugh knowing this.

However, Woozi added that some members wanted to protect their underwear. Even if they are willing to share everything else. Due to differences of opinion among the members, they reached a compromise and discussed.

The SEVENTEEN members agreed to give them the opportunity to take their own clothes out of the laundry after they were dry. If they don’t get their clothes right away, their clothes will be distributed.

“I did the laundry today, so I have to take care of it when I arrive at the dorm,” said Woozi, who is one of the members who wants to protect his underwear. He caused laughter by admitting that even while practicing he always remembered that.

Despite trying to remember, Woozi admitted that often he couldn’t get his dry underwear out. As a result, he bought new underwear in this state. This funny behavior actually makes the relationship between SEVENTEEN members closer and lasting in friendship.

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