SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi’s Drunken Behavior At Lee Young Ji’s Program Reaps An Exasperated Reaction, Mingyu Is Curious About This

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Was Really Drunk When He Was A Guest On Lee Young Ji’s Program To The Point Of Getting Angry Reactions From Many People. His Group Mate, Mingyu Commented.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (II) recently attracted attention after being a guest of Lee Young Ji on the program “Even Though There’s Nothing to Eat” on July 8. The reason is, the 1996-born idol looks too cute when he’s really drunk.

During the event, Hoshi and Lee Young Ji played a game with drinks involving four bottles of soju. But after a while, Hoshi was really drunk. Even Lee Young Ji was a little worried about showing Hoshi under the influence of alcohol.

But apparently Hoshi got a positive response from Korean netizens and also his group friends. The reason is, Hoshi tends to act funny and even cries expressing his love for the Pledis Entertainment agency. One of the members who gave interesting comments was Mingyu through the Weverse application.

“Hoshi hyung please drink with me too hahaha,” Mingyu said.

In the next post, Mingyu highlighted Hoshi’s alcohol tolerance level. In addition, Mingyu sent ambiguous comments between praising and sarcastic Hoshi.

“This is the funniest content I’ve seen recently. Hyung’s alcohol tolerance says 1 and a half bottles? LOL,” he continued. “Impressive.”

When Hoshi answered with “oops”, Mingyu again pointed at his groupmate curiously.

On the other hand, netizens highlighted how adorable Hoshi is when drunk even though he is a grown man. Even netizens want to join in drinking because of Hoshi.

“I’ve never seen such a cute drunk man before in my life!” said one netizen. “How can a grown man be so cute when he’s drunk!!” another netizen said. “Hoshi said on Weverse he doesn’t remember crying OMG,” said another.

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