SEVENTEEN’s Joshua And Hoshi’s Behavior So Free From COVID-19 Auto Makes You Surprised, Too Random?

After Being Declared To Have Finished The COVID-19 Quarantine, Hoshi Made A Joint Post With Joshua On InstaStory While He Was Out For The First Time. His Behavior Made Him Shake His Head.

Some time ago, Hoshi and Joshua took a short break from SEVENTEEN (II) activities after being tested positive for COVID-19. The agency has given a statement regarding the completion of Hoshi and Joshua’s quarantine on September 1.

On the same day, Hoshi uploaded a video with Joshua outdoors indicating that they had finished quarantine via InstaStory. Besides being uploaded on Instagram Stories, the video is also available on the TikTok application.

In the video, Hoshi is squatting with his hands under his knees being carried by Joshua. Then Hoshi was “placed” on a pillar close to them so that he stuck there quietly. Having left him for a while, Joshua returned to drop Hoshi.

No doubt, Joshua and Hoshi’s behavior succeeded in making fans surprised even though they had just finished quarantine. Even though it’s too random, their videos on TikTok have been watched more than 5 million times because they stole the attention.

“Whatever his behavior is, it’s surprising,” said one fan. “It’s a pity that Hoshi is so clumsy, Joshua the one can’t get down on him,” said other fans. “There’s no quarantine for a week like this,” added another.

Previously, Pledis Entertainment had issued an official statement regarding the release of Joshua and Hoshi from COVID-19. After no serious symptoms were found, the two members were declared able to resume activities that had been delayed.

“Hello, we are Pledis Entertainment. We would like to inform SEVENTEEN members Joshua and Hoshi have finished quarantine as of September 1. Joshua and Hoshi have been doing treatment at home according to quarantine guidelines and are not showing excessive symptoms during quarantine,” the agency opened.

They can resume activities from September 1 and begin activities at the Belmont concert as scheduled. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the fans who have taken care of our artist’s health. We will place our artist’s health and safety cooperatively with local health requests and guidelines. Thank you,” concluded Pledis Entertainment.

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