SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Fanboy’s Soul Revealed When He Meets Ex-Wonder Girls’ Sohee

Recently, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Had A Lucky Incident Because He Was On A Kakao TV Show Where He Met His Own Idol, Sohee, Ex-Wonder Girls.

The various mixed feelings experienced by someone when meeting their idol certainly cannot be expressed in words. This seems to be experienced by SEVENTEEN ‘s Seungkwan (II) who recently met former Wonder Girls member Sohee .

For the first time, Seungkwan met Sohee when he was on the Kakao TV show on the August 12 episode. From the beginning of the show, Seungkwan’s movements showed that he was really nervous when he met Sohee.

I was a Wonderful (official name of Wonder Girls fandom) in elementary school. So, I feel very nervous speaking in front of you. My heart is beating so fast right now. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this in my life, at all. It’s really weird right now,” said Seungkwan blushing and sweating to Sohee.

Witnessing Seungkwan’s nervousness, Sohee admitted that she didn’t expect the male idol to be this nervous. “I didn’t expect you to be this nervous. Are you really Great? I have to check if you are really Great! What song do you like best?” asked Sohee.

Confidently, Seungkwan confidently said that he knew Wonder Girls’ songs more than Sohee herself. “I probably know Wonder Girls songs better than you. I listen to all the side songs too, not just the title track. I think the Wonder Girls have amazing ballads, like ‘This Time’, ‘I Try’,’ Wishing on a Star’, ‘Saying I Love You’ and many more,” said Seungkwan.

When she mentioned songs that were not well known to the public, Sohee gasped and covered her mouth in surprise. Seungkwan suddenly wanted to mention the title of the song he knew.

“Oh! There’s this song, which is not only a good song, but also a song that makes you sound beautiful, do you think so? Can you guess it?” asked Seungkwan. Sohee shyly laughed and commented, “I’m a bit embarrassed to say it myself, but are you talking about ‘Girlfriend’?”

Seungkwan immediately jumped from his seat excitedly and said that was the title of the song he meant. Can’t imagine how Seungkwan’s attitude is really happy.

“I also like your song. I especially like your soundtrack ‘The Reason’. After listening to it, I was like, ‘Who sings? He’s good.’, then looked at the other songs you sang,” Sohee explained back praising Seungkwan.

Hearing this compliment, Seungkwan made his mouth drop open and his heart beat fast. Not only that, it was revealed in a video that Seungkwan seemed to attend Sohee’s fansign event. His cute fanboying moment (as for male fans) made them also smile widely.

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