Show Sweet Attitude To Minhyun, TXT To Fromis_9, LE SSERAFIM Successfully Reaps Praise

Fans Also Praised LE SSERAFIM For Honoring Their Seniors In The Most Thoughtful And Adorable Way At The Special Event ‘The Game Caterers 2 X HYBE’.

In the latest special video “The Game Caterers 2 x HYBE” LE SSERAFIM prove that they are not only energetic beginners but also juniors who treat their seniors very well. After finishing the first game and bringing their gifts to their respective tents, Huh Yunjin realized that each group didn’t get a watermelon and suggested they cut it up and share it with everyone.

Once they sliced a few pieces of fruit, they started by delivering the plate to the most senior artist in the company. Sakura and Hong Eunchae served watermelons to the legendary Baekho , Hwang Minhyun , and Lee Hyun . One of the former NU’EST members even gave Miwayi Sakura a Korean melon instead.

The next group that doesn’t have watermelon is TXT . Their faces immediately brightened when Hong Eunchae delivered the fruit. They clapped as they thanked them for the treat. The last group that needed a good snack was fromis_9 where they were just as excited to receive watermelon. Making their juniors smile, Jiheon said, “LE SSERAFIM is amazing.”

Meanwhile, fans also praised LE SSERAFIM for respecting their seniors in the most thoughtful and adorable way. Some also indicated that their good deeds lead to others as the group shared watermelons with their staff as well.

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